Easter Egg Hunt Clues

Easter egg hunt clues

Below are some Easter Egg Hunt Clues found on the internet or are made up by me from previous hunts I have organised. I know just how hard it can be to come up with fun clues for the family Easter Egg Hunts or even just finding them on the internet. Some of the ones below are easy, some are hard, have a look and fit them into your own hunt according to the ages and abilities of the players.

If you want to try and come up with your own the most easiest way to do so is to make 2 to 4 sentences making sure the last word in each sentence rhymes. Also by working out the locations of where you will hide the eggs and write down the list on a separate piece of paper so that you can remember where you put the eggs on the day. 

Last year I made my hunt more personal by including names of my family and kept it significant to what has been happening in the family for example, I had just had my baby so included this in one of the clues.

Last tip is to imagine you are the Easter Bunny, no matter how old everyone is nothing beats being able to feel like you've gone back to your childhood πŸ™‚

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Easter Clues

The Easter Eggs are near now,
On this I'd like to bet
The next place that they're hiding in
They're bound to get quite wet
(Shower, Bird bath, Next to a water hose)

(Dogs name) likes his toys, his balls & his bones, Clue #1 is on something that's thrown (tape on the back of a Frisbee)

To check the mail you'll need a key, Hiding in your mailbox is clue #3 (mailbox)

I need a spoon out of that drawer, There is where you'll find clue #4 ( drawer on top of the spoons)

It's cold outside; clue #6 took note, It's hiding in the pocket of your coat (coat pocket)

The dishes are dirty, and this is where you'll find Hiding in there is clue #9 (dishwasher or Kitchen sink)

Inside, Outside, Upside down,
Your Easter basket is nowhere to be found. I guess you need one final clue, you dry your clothes here not your shoes (Dryer)

Sweaty and stinky this hunt has made you,
don't give up, you have one last clue.
To clean yourself this is where you'll need to go,
your basket has been waiting there the whole time you know. (Bathroom)

Roses are red
violets are blue
look in the place
where u keep your shoes (shoe cupboard/rack)

Pens and Pencils
Books and lunch
you’ll find me here
I have a hunch (School bag)

you love the heat
its great when felt
but it's not for me,
because I would melt!!! (Oven or microwave)

It's getting quite chilly,
it’ll be freezing later!
So why don't you check the warmth
on the hall/lounge/bathroom/kitchen radiator!

I have four legs but cannot walk;
you sit at me,
when using your knife and fork! (Stick under the kitchen/dining table)

Scrape the scraps off your plate;
this machine cleans them just as great! (Dishwasher)

You've been at this for some time
Now you're getting the rhythm
your next egg/clue is hidden
behind your favorite games system! (Playstation, xbox, wii)

You're now really close
to finding some eggs;
next open the front door
to find some special steps! (Front door steps)

You will get your eggs soon but not quite yet
as I believe there is something on the TV set! (TV)

Inside, outside, upside down,
the Easter bunny is nowhere to be found!
I guess you will need one final clue,
you dry your clothes here not your shoes! (Washing machine, dryer)

You've been searching for a while;
Now you’re number2
Make sure this one isn't smelly!
It's hidden in (person's name)'s shoe!!!

As this is Easter,
and it's your first trail,
we've hidden it somewhere easy,
where the postman posts the mail! (Letterbox/mail box)

Congratulations! You found your first/second/last clue,
although you've looked from toe to head!
Now let's stop and have a snack or a sandwich,
as your next clue is with the —–! (Bread)

Let's escape to a fairytale today,
Cinderella or little Miss Hubbard!
Your first/second/third/last clue
is hidden in the (something) cupboard!

This is your very last clue,
and will lead you to your egg
with all this searching I'm getting quite tired
Let's go to sleep in (someone's) bed!

It spins around
It makes me dizzy
But when it’s done
my clothes feel frizzy (Washing Machine or Tumble Dryer)


Cosy and Warm
you rest your head
But you have to share
with your Ted (Your Bed)

What do you need to have to get the cereal from the bowl to your mouth?
(In the spoon spot in the drawer)

You might find me hanging around the walls…. (Tops of the picture frames)

Leafy and green is where I can be seen (Plants)

I go up and down but I don`t move. Come and find me. (Eggs on the stairs.)

I am getting dressed in my Easter best (Inside the closet door)

Ring ring time to rise and shine. (Near the alarm clock)

I love to see my reflection – I am such a pretty egg (Near the mirror)

Soaking, soapy, sudsy bubbles, if you don`t find me I will be in trouble. (Bath)

I have two wheels that spin, ride it fast and you may win, you choose the direction, but wear a helmet for protection! (Near their bike)

Come find me before `the mouse’ eats me! (Computer)

If you open me, windows you can find, but with them you cannot see outside (TV)

Colour, black and white, doesn`t matter I am painted not printed. (Printer)

If I take a spin I will come out all clean again (Washing machine, laundry room)

Please fold me and put me away in your room (dryer, laundry room)

If the Easter bunny left you a letter – where might you find it (Mailbox)

Purple, pink and yellow are pushing through the brown! (Near soil of any crocuses, daffodils etc)

I play in it at the beach or in the yard, but there`s no need to build castle (Near or in the sandbox)

If you're looking for your Easter basket there's something you'll need to do,
Look in the living room fireplace, and there you'll find a clue.

It's cold outside, you must take note.
Find Clue #? in the pocket of your coat.

Forks, spoons, and knives are kept in a drawer.
Look there to find Clue #?.

To get really smart and not be a fool,
Clue #? is packed up and ready for school. (In school bag)

To always be clean is what #? wishes,
This clue can be found in the washer for dishes. (Dishwasher)

Next to a popsicle, which is really quite silly,
Is Clue #?, in a place dark and chilly. (Freezer)

Buckled in safely and ready for a drive,
In the backseat Clue #? should be easy to find. (In car seat)

When your dog's bowl is empty, you know what to do.
Get her some food and you'll find the ?th/nd/rd clue.

Check the desk, on a top-row shelf.
I'll bet you can find the clue by yourself. (Desk)

A rubber ducky says rub-a-dub-dub.
Clue #? can be found in the tub! (Bath)

You'll find in your closet a basket, now GO!
It's been hiding in there the whole time, don't you know? (Closet/wardrobe)

They're hidden in pairs, somewhere under the stairs (shoe cupboard)
There could be some more near the back door

If you can find a peg, you might find an egg (peg basket)

You sit on me all day
Sometimes you even lay
I'm where you watch T.V.
I'm very easy to see (Couch)

I'm always cold
I'm never hot
You keep food here
I'm always near (Refrigerator)

In the room we bake a pie,
Where do we look out to see the sky?
Your next clue you will spy.
(Put the next clue on the kitchen window)

Look, oh look see
And yourself you will see.
And when you do,
You will find your next clue. (Mirror)

this is where you wash your face,
and take a bath if that's the case,
you also brush your hair here,
so up the stairs to see what’s there. (upstairs bathroom)

This is where you surf the net,
you type and move the mouse,
if you can't find it don't fret,
it is surely in the house (computer)

This is close to where you sleep,
you might keep toys under here,
there are no monster here as you see,
you will find something and say "YIPEE!" (Under bed)

4 + 4 = ..?…
make a rhyme with the answer,
and go to the…… (Gate)

Go to the kitchen and find 4 (or however many you have) of these.
Sit on one is what you must do
if you want to find the next clue (dining chair)

The numbers 1 to 12 are here,
take a look for some Easter cheer. (Clock)

I have 4 legs,
but cannot walk.
You may sit and me
and use your knife and fork. (Dinner table)

if eggs are what you are looking to find,
take a look in the paper you unwind. (Toilet roll)

The next Easter egg will be found with ease
If you get a sudden urge to sneeze (In a box of tissues)


Some of the Hunt Clues from Easter 2014 Hunt: (good for older children)


Start of the hunt:

It’s Easter Sunday,  It will be a fun day.

We will eat a lot,  But we must give a thought,

To the Easter Bun,  Who had to run,

To get it here on time,  For this year’s rhyme!

You best make a start, on my work of art,

As clue number one, is done

And hiding under your bums πŸ™‚

(place clue number one under the sofa cushions)


Clue number one,

Is lots of fun,

It shows a pic,

But people tend to flick,

Which is very annoying,

When it is something that you are enjoying. (TV)


Time for number three,

Will you be as clever as me,

You may be left waiting,

At the giant type of gating. (door)



You made it to four,

No the next one is not at the door,

That had been done      already,

The next one can be found with a teddy. (Teddy on a bed)


Now its time for number eight,

I hope you don’t take the bait,

And go to the wrong place, 

In case you forgot it is a race,

You’ll find the next one in a sack,

The one in which my child puts on their back. (school backpack)


Clue number ten,

Who said “hallelujah and amen!”

This one is the hardest yet,

You will be sure to work up a sweat,

It links to a door,

And to a witch and a lion that roars. (Wardrobe)





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