Minibeasts, Bugs and Insects Activities

Come take a look at the new page full of fun activities about Insects, Bugs and Minibeasts for the children and kids! From bug hunts to songs and rhymes, to art and craft ideas to how to add a Bug theme to your nursery/ school or home.

Plus check out my free Bug Hunt Checklist for the children to mark of all the bugs they can find and a Ladybird Matching Game available in Black and White and Colour!

All I ask in return is you tell all your friends and family about my website and activities so they too can have fun with the children and keep them entertained but at the same time learn all about the little critters!

Hope you have lots of fun if you have any activities you would like to share with others email me at or come find me on twitter or facebook and message me. Also any photos of you enjoying the Little Activity Chest’s activities to share with everyone would be fantastic!

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